Elakel Catering & Bakery is proud to offer two unique cooking classes that are specifically designed to cater to your unique needs. Participants in our classes will be provided with an apron as well as a recipe booklet outlining the recipes prepared in class that day. The recipes are for you to keep! You may want to bring a pen and a small notebook to take notes. All other cooking equipment will be provided during the class, including knives.

Demonstration-Style Cooking Classes

If you prefer for your Chef to demonstrate through the majority of the class, this is the perfect option for you. Some participation from the class is necessary, but our demonstration-style cooking class is the perfect way to get an in-depth look at how your favorite dish is made before trying it for yourself at a later date.

Workshop Cooking Classes

For a mostly participatory experience, our workshop classes are the ideal way to get a truly hands-on experience that allows you to craft your own dish with the expert guidance of our Chef.

Sign Up Today

Ready to enjoy a cooking class with Elakel Catering? We’d love to teach you how to prepare a dish that you’ll love cooking for many years to come, so contact us today to sign up. We look forward to seeing you in class!

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