A Word From Chef Moustafa Elakel

Through food, we tell stories of who we are. Food brings us together in the spirit of generosity and love, and I believe one must always cook and serve with soul, creativity, and love. It has been a blessing that I have been able to pursue a career that creates a product that brings people together. Born and raised in Alexandria, Egypt, I grew up influenced by a long line of home cooks, including my mother and grandmother. I have especially fond memories of cooking alongside a family in my childhood.

Intent on developing my skill and evolving into a strong chef and leader, I had spent years cooking and traveling throughout Europe before I decided to move to the United States in 1998. After graduating from Le Cordon Bleu School of Culinary Arts in Miami, my culinary career accelerated as I went on to work for some of the industry’s leading hospitality companies. My passion and expertise have led me to work with some of the most renowned chefs and restaurateurs such as Michael Mina and Clay Miller, Jean George, and David Burke.

During this time I have been focused on featuring culturally diverse and innovative dishes, showcasing fresh, high-quality ingredients procured from both local and international purveyors. I continue to create fine dining experiences with a visionary approach in preparing and delivering unique, flavorful, and visually stunning culinary dishes.

Meet the Team

Moustafa Elakel - Owner /Executive Chef

Ruwan Elakel - Marketing and PR

Ruwan Elakel was born in Ohio USA she is responsible for marketing and PR as well as for designing concept. Like father she loves food passion through photography and loves travels. She discovered her love of cooking as a child since then she has lived this passion every day.

Almida Abario - Sous Chef

Almida was born and raised in the Philippines, moved to the USA in 2018, Almida graduated from Lyceum University and always has interested in food since her childhood always intrigued by food why there are so many ingredients and spices for just one dish and then she realizes how the food can tell a story in just one bite. Almida joins our team in 2020.

Our Awards and Recognitions

  • Best Fine Dining Award

  • Best Chef in Baltimore

  • Best Upscale Restaurant Award

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