We tell the stories of who we are through food. It brings us together in so many ways, and at Elakel Catering & Bakery, we believe that soul, creativity, and love are at the heart of every great meal. We are blessed to enjoy a career that brings people together — because there’s nothing as comforting as a great meal.

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Food is at the heart of Elakel Catering & bakery.

The best food starts with a harmony of two elements, the high-quality seasonal produce we offer, and using natural seasonal flavors, enhanced by classic French technique a culturally significant inspiring menu showcasing a most magnificent production of a crafted partnership with the farmers, fishermen, breeders, and providores from across East Coast our cooking is not overly technical and tricky – it’s robust and direct – and always of the highest quality.

Our MEnus

“Good food starts with the best produce”

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Your experience begins with a truly individualized menu, written in consultation with you and our Chef. Tell us what you love to eat and we will prepare a menu that suits your needs and showcases the food that you love. Dry-aged beef, Maine lobster, Black Perigord truffles, colorado Lamb, scallops, Chesapeake Oysters, Osetra caviar, and beyond — the choice is yours.

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Our Clients

Our clients include business leaders, leaders in the arts and entertainment, as well as professionals across a diverse range of fields.

The service offered is tailored to suit all needs whether you need a chef for a month or you have a special occasion. From scrambled eggs in the morning to a six-course degustation or cocktail party in the evening, our aim is to make it easy for you.

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